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Change Leader.  Operations Expert.  Entrepreneur. 

Lolita E. Walker has thrived in both transition and change. One constant is that change is disruptive, personal and can shift the normalcy of our lives.  Lolita is your partner-in-change, to help you manage it right the first time and achieve the sustainable results you desire. 

Lolita’s 17 years of navigating personal and organizational change has led to her comprehensive, 5-step program, specializing in building a connection between change and personal transition.  

Lolita founded Walker & Walker Enterprises as a consultancy that meets you where you are.  She grows individuals, teams and organizations by building upon two fundamental principles:  start with the “foundation of you” and focus on the successful transition versus on the change.  The outcome of a tangible change map is an accountability tool to guide you, and those who depend on you, to be more free, clear and confident through the leadership of change.