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You have just entered the MSU Alumni Business Directory, where we can help build your business! Our graduates are very vital to our existence and we want to help you be the best you! We are inviting all alumni-owned small businesses and services to submit their information on our site. This information will be available exclusively to the alumni community and serves as a tool for networking and business promotions.

There are those who do not own a small business, but would sure like to support the business of fellow alumni, this is the place to start! You can search for your business needs by using our user-friendly search engine!

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Terms of Use

All information contained in the individual business listings are provided by the alumnus. The Morgan State University Alumni Association nor the Morgan State University is endorsing any one business. We ask, as with any other business, you use good business practices. Using any information contained in this Directory for solicitation purposes, unauthorized private, commercial, or political mailing is strictly prohibited. The Office of Alumni Relations reserves the right to edit or remove listings not in keeping with the mission and values of Morgan State University.