Alumni Spotlight


A culture shock from a Catholic school background of plaid skirts, saddle shoes, polos, and cardigans, SAM was free to choose her looks daily. At Western High School, she developed a keen sense of style, forming a sound foundation for development. Here she continued modeling, and found a creative niche.

Morgan State University helped provide the social and educational push SAM needed to put her entrepreneurial plan in motion.  While an honor public health scholar, member of FAM (Fashion at Morgan), the YWCA, and the Miss Black and Gold Royal Court, SAM continued to work hard, helping her successfully transition to business ownership. Shortly after graduating from Morgan State University in 2007, she explored her life long dream in 2009 to build a fashion company geared to imaging services.

SAM combined her skills and fashion sense with an unparalleled customer service experience to start Superficial Glamour LLC. SAM currently holds a degree in Health Education and a Masters in Business Administration and spends most of her time spearheading her styling company- shopping for rare wardrobe items, making new pieces for the official product line, New Vintage by SAM, and serving as the creative director and consultant for numerous client projects.

You can find SAM on Instagram at