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    2017 Alumni Giving Challenge

    The Alumni Participation Challenge

    Lifetime members of the National Alumni Association have pledged $100,000 over the next five years to help raise Morgan to an elite level of alumni loyalty. This multi-year effort will support scholarships for students and will match dollar-for-dollar all new alumni gifts up to $100,000 over the next five years.

    The stakes have never been higher. US News and World Report looks at alumni giving as one of the key factors in rating and ranking universities. Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s considers alumni giving in gauging our financial strength. And, corporations and foundations want to know what the “family has done” when they are deciding to support Morgan.

    Even parents and students are making enrollment decisions based on the one tried and true indicator of customer satisfaction—alumni giving back to alma mater. It is a sign of customer satisfaction, and it carries a lot of weight.

    Morgan ended calendar year 2012 with an alumni participation in giving rate of 13.87%. This represents a 33% rate of increase over last year and a 115% rate of increase in alumni giving over the last three years. This is unprecedented growth and bucks the national trend in alumni giving but, each year we start back at zero and the alumni participation rate is counted all over again. Our goal is to reach an alumni giving rate of 17% by 2017. You can help by committing to donate annually to Morgan. Size doesn’t matter, just that you give and give annually.

    Our sustaining gifts program is a great way to provide consistent reliable support to Morgan through monthly, quarterly, or annual gifts. It’s easy to enroll! Visit and click on sustaining gifts to begin giving to Morgan today. Or call us at 443-885-4449 to start your sustaining gifts program.

    How it Works
    You determine the amount and frequency of your donation
    We will charge your gift to your credit card at a pre-determined interval
    We will send you an email confirming the charge
    An annual statement will be sent to you for tax purposes
    Your gift automatically renews each year

    Adding Up the Benefits!
    It’s easier to budget and easier on your wallet
    You have control over your giving
    Your gift renews automatically
    Your gift helps to ensure that Morgan remains strong now, and in the future

    One gift every year, in any amount, goes a long way to strengthen Morgan’s credibility in attracting institutional dollars, top notch faculty, and outstanding students.