Class Agents Program

We're in need of CLASS AGENTS to represent eight (8) of our classes. If you see your class listed below and you want to be apart of the Class Agent Program, contact our office at

            Class of 1948

            Class of 1951

            Class of 1954     

            Class of 1988      

            Class of 1994  

            Class of 1995   

        For all other classes, please click here to find your CLASS AGENT (S) and to find out about Class Activities.

            What are Class Agents?

  • A Class Agent helps to build informed, unified, and motivated classes for a stronger Morgan State University.  Class agents serve as liaisons between their classmates and the University.  
What is the Purpose of the Class Agent Program?
  • The Class Agents Program provides a network of classmates to ensure that alumni keep in touch with each other and the University.  Class Agents help to coordinate reunion activities and raise money for the University.                                
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  • Encourage classmates to reconnect and stay connected to the University;
  • Inform their classmates about University-related events; personal news items; such as moves, marriages, family changes, new jobs, awards and recognitions, and networking opportunities; 
  • Plan and promote class reunions, and work to encourage their classmates to make annual financial contributions to the University.  A strong alumni participation rate is a source of pride for the university and an indication of the loyalty of alumni.  Many corporations and foundations want to know about our alumni participation rate when they make decisions on determining their philanthropic support. Therefore, alumni participation is not only looked at internally, but externally, as well.  As a result, the faithfulness of our alumni play a vital role in the University’s ability to attract prospective students and seek funding from corporations and foundations;
  • Create an informal network of alumni who live in different parts of the country to help to plan class events and  recruit attendees;
  • Establish an e-mail forwarding list and/or class newsletter for your classmates to reconnect with one another, to give feedback on Reunion activity planning and to receive information from Morgan, Class newsletters are the best means of keeping in touch with the entire class;
  • Send personal notes, on occasion, to classmates to encourage their participation in class and/or university-sponsored events;
  • Serve as host or co-host for area alumni events by attending such events, and contacting classmates via the telephone or e-mail about such events;
  • Participate in and find volunteers to work on a Reunion Committee in preparation for their class reunion;
  • Encourage classmates to support the Annual Fund, and thank classmates for their participation;
  • Help the University to identify major gift prospects;
  • Solicit and forward all address changes, including home and work, from classmates.  It is essential that the University have current and accurate addresses and the Class Agents serve as a primary source for obtaining this information;
  • Help the Alumni Office to identify “lost” alumni;
  • Be creative and HAVE FUN!
What type of Support Will the Alumni Office Provide?
  • Provide the Class Agent with an updated class roster, including e-mails and phone numbers, as needed.
  • Provide support services such as typing of letters, and assisting with initial mailings.
  • Connecting your class newsletter and/or web page to the MSU web site.
  • Any other assistance that may be needed